Candle Care

  • Because our candles are made with soy wax, you may notice slight frosting on your candles. It is entirely normal and an indicator that the candles are made with soy wax!
  • On the first burn, be sure to let the wax pool reach the sides of the pot before extinguishing to prevent tunnelling
  • We recommend trimming your wick before every lighting. This also controls the size of the flame, allowing you to get the most time out of your candle.
  • Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Discontinue burning when wax reaches 1/2 from the bottom of the pot for safety. 
  • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times
  • Draughts decrease burn time, cause uneven burning, smoking and diminished scents

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Flames by Fab is proud to say that all of their candles are 100% recyclable. Find some inspiration to recycle your container!

When you find you have only 1/2" of wax left, please discontinue the candle’s use for your safety. However, you don’t need to consider this the end of your candle as our vessels make the perfect, aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.

What can you use the vessel for?

  • Planting/repotting a new plant
  • Stationary/desk storage
  • Makeup-brush storage
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste holder
  • Toiletries container


Here’s how to turn a candle into a planter! 


How to get rid of wax?

  1. Boiling method - pour boiling water into the vessel and wait until the wax fully melts and floats to the top. Then you can pour out the contents while everything is melted, or you can wait for the water to cool and pop the excess wax into your wax melter to extend the life of your candle. Afterwards, simply wash with soap and warm water, dry and reuse!
  2. Freezing method - pop your vessel into the freezer for 1-2 hours. After this time remove from freezer and (using a fork or a knife) poke at the edges of the wax until you're able to pop it out. If you'd like to use the remaining wax, wait until it cools back down to room temperature before popping onto your wax melter.

Enjoy it and watch it grow!