Hello, Nice to meet you!
My name is Fabricia and I’m the founder of Flames by Fab!

Flames by Fab came to life in 2020, born out of a desire to create something unique, sustainable, and full of exciting fragrances.

Like most of us spending hours in the house during the lockdown, I learned the value of stress relief by experimenting with handcrafts, and I started working with one of my passions
- making candles by recycling my empty candle jars.

Eventually, after one year of experimenting with different formulations, waxes and scents, I found the perfect natural solution: soy candles and the perfect material for my pots - an eco-resin known as Jesmonite. I decided to make pots that would also serve as a beautiful home decoration. Each vessel is carefully hand-cast, making every candle unique - they are also refillable, reusable and can be repurposed.

From the wax to the packaging, every aspect of the candle is created with sustainability in mind.
These candles burn longer, are cleaner and with more fragrance.